Best answer: How much does it cost to get into Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield Missouri?

How much does it cost to get into the Aquarium in Springfield Missouri?

To view the aquarium the ticket is $29.95 and to just view the wildlife galleries the ticket is $14.95. Children under 4 are free. A combo ticket for children ages 4-11 is $23.95. For just the aquarium, the ticket is $19.95 and for just the wildlife gallery the ticket is $9.95.

How much does the Aquarium cost at Bass Pro in Springfield Missouri?

Aquarium only 29.95 adults, 19.95 children. Combo ticket 39.95 adults, 23.95 children.

Is Bass Pro Aquarium free?

Bass Pro – free exhibits! … The attached Wonders of Wildlife is a bit pricey… but the Bass Pro store has enough cool stuff to see for a couple hour visit. If you have more time, then pay to see the exhibits at WOW.

How much did it cost to build wonders of wildlife?

The museum cost an estimated $290 million to build and is pushing hard with PR tactics and community-outreach initiatives to become one of the nation’s top attractions. This May, USA Today named Wonders of Wildlife America’s Best Aquarium.

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What animals are at Wonders of Wildlife?


  • Grizzly bear and wolves diorama.
  • Caribou diorama.
  • African elephants.
  • Wildebeests and crocodiles in African Gallery.
  • Aquarium entrance hall.
  • Whale and fishing boat.
  • Shipwreck room.
  • Mangrove swamp display.

Are babies free at Wonders of Wildlife?

Tickets to the aquarium only are free for kids under age four, $19.95 for kids four to 11 and $$29.95 for 12 and older. Tickets to the Wildlife Galleries are $9.95 for kids four to 11 and $14.95 for 12 and up. … Timed entry tickets are required for guests visiting Wonders of Wildlife.

How much does it cost to get into Bass Pro?

The entry fee is $450 per person, with a $250 entry fee for youth, ages 12 to 17, and a free entry fee for children. Each entry also includes an Open Gift Bag valued at $150. More than $4 million in cash will be available in prizes, and one-third of every entry will go to The National Fish Habitat Initiative.

How many Bass Pro Shops are there?

Bass Pro Shops

Trade name Bass Pro Shops
Number of locations 177 (including 82 Cabela’s)
Key people Johnny Morris Founder and CEO
Products Hunting, fishing, and outdoor merchandise
Revenue US$ 6.5 billion (2019)