Best answer: What kind of climate is required for growing rice?

What soil and climate is best for growing rice?

Fertile riverine alluvial soil is best for rice cultivation. ADVERTISEMENTS: Clayey loam soil in monsoon land is considered to be the best for rice cultivation as water retention capacity of this soil is very high. Rice is also grown in saline areas of deltic region.

Is climate important for growing rice?

Higher temperatures can decrease rice yields as they can make rice flowers sterile, meaning no grain is produced. Higher respiration losses linked to higher temperatures also make rice less productive. … IRRI research indicates that a rise in nighttime temperature by 1 degree Celsius may reduce rice yields by about 10%.

Where is rice grown India?

country however the major 5 states in rice production are West Bengal, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Page 3 Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The west Bengal produces 15 percent of total quantity of rice produced in the country.

How does climate affect rice?

Climate change will aggravate a variety of stresses for rice plants, namely heat, drought, salinity, and submergence. … Competition for water, for instance, will increase the pressure on rice land and favor the adoption of cropping systems or practices that consume less irrigation water.

Is rice bad for climate change?

Rice feeds half of the world’s population on a daily basis, but it is also an important driver of global warming. … Rice production is estimated to be responsible for 12% of total methane global emissions, mainly due to its anaerobic decomposition during its production processes.

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Where is rice mostly grown?

The major producers of rice in the world are China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Brazil, Japan, USA, Pakistan, and the Republic of Korea (in this order). These countries make up about 3.5 percent of the rice imports into the United States.

Which country is the birthplace of rice?

Based on archeological evidence, rice was believed to have first been domesticated in the region of the Yangtze River valley in China.