Do decomposers recycle waste materials in hydrosphere?


Do the decomposers recycle waste material in the hydrosphere?

REASON(R): The decomposers recycle waste material in hydrosphere.

Why do decomposers act as cleaning agents of the environment?

Explanation: Organisms which breakdown the complex organic compounds present in dead and decaying matter are called decomposers. … Decomposers acts as cleaning agents of environment by decomposing the dead bodies of plants and animals. They also help in recycling of materials, replenishment of soil’s nutrients etc.

Which is a complete natural ecosystem having decomposers as cleansing agents?

(ii) The elements by which bodies are made would never be returned to the environments. As a result, all the nutrients present in soil, air and water would soon be exhausted and the whole life cycle of organisms will be disrupted.

Do decomposers recycle waste?

Decomposers are organisms that consume dead organisms and other organic waste. … They recycle materials from the dead organisms and waste back into the ecosystem. These recycled materials are used by the producers to remake organic compounds.

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What is the difference between atmosphere lithosphere hydrosphere and biosphere?

The lithosphere consists of solid rock, soil and minerals. The hydrosphere consists of water in all its forms. The atmosphere is the layer of gases around the Earth. The biosphere consists of all living plants and animals and their interactions with the rocks, soil, air and water in their habitats.

What are decomposers and how they help in recycling of waste?

They help in the process of recycling of nutrients by decomposing various dead organisms such as plants and animals to form humus. Decomposers or detritivores including fungi, bacteria, earthworms, etc. Most decomposers are microscopic organisms, including protozoa and bacteria.

How decomposers help in recycling of minerals?

Decomposers or saprotrophs recycle dead plants and animals into chemical nutrients like carbon and nitrogen that are released back into the soil, air and water.

What is the role of decomposers in the ecosystem or environment?

Decomposers include saprophytes such as fungi and bacteria. They directly thrive on the dead and decaying organic matter. Decomposers are essential for the ecosystem as they help in recycling nutrients to be reused by plants. … They provide space for new being in the biosphere by decomposing the dead.

What are decomposers what will be the consequence of their absence in environment?

If decomposers are absent in the ecosystem recycling of material in the biosphere will not take place which would head to the collection of dead plants and animals in the environment. The environment would be finally devoid of all the resources that are needed to maintain and sustain life.

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Why scavengers and decomposers are known as nature’s cleaner?

By eating up the dead organisms, they clean the environment. Without scavengers, the world would have filled with dead bodies of plants and animals which may cause various health hazards. Therefore, scavengers are called nature’s cleansers.