Does Kerala have hot climate?

Is Kerala hot climate?

“God’s own country” Kerala is blessed with a climate of moderate temperatures. During the Indian summer when other states experience temperatures in excess or close to 40 degrees, weather in Kerala remains comparatively cool and pleasant. The plains and the coastal areas have warm weather.

Does Kerala have hot and dry climate?

Climate of Kerala is different from that of the other Indian States. Kerala being situated in the tropical zone, experiences the typical humid tropical climate. Meanwhile, its extreme eastern fringes experience a drier tropical wet and dry climate. Kerala receives an average annual rainfall of 3107 mm.

Why Kerala climate is hot?

Scientists blame climate change for this. Rise in sea surface temperature, due to global warming, drove up humidity. This, in turn, pushed temperatures higher, according to Rajeevan Erikkulam, a meteorologist with a central government science institute in the state.

Is Kerala hot or cold?

The tropical state of Kerala sees a pretty pleasant temperature range of 22 to 34 degrees Celsius for most of the year. The coastal region on the west of the Western Ghats has summers that are hot and humid, while the lowlands on the eastern side of the Ghats get drier summers.

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Why is Kochi so hot?

According to the Kerala state disaster management authority (KSDMA), one of the reasons that Kochi gets high temperatures despite being a coastal area is because of the high-end construction activities across the year. KSDMA, in its state heat action plan, has indicated that tarring and interlocked tiles reflect heat.

How hot does it get in Kerala?

Temperatures typically range from 28 to 32 degrees Celsius (82 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit), although the highlands have been known to drop to around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). 1 During summer, the very high humidity makes the heat feel much hotter.

Why Kerala is so greenery?

All rivers in Kerala are rain fed. Although they are perennial, they become lean in summer. Apart from these 44 main rivers, their tributaries and distributaries and a countless number of streams and rivulets crisscross the land making it green and fertile and also serves as inland waterways.

How is summer in Kerala?

Kerala Summer Season (March – June)

The summer season in Kerala begins towards the end of February. The weather is humid in the plains and coastal areas. The temperature remains high throughout the day, even in the night. The average maximum temperature hovers around 35°C, and the minimum temperature is around 28°C.

Is Chennai cold or hot?

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Chennai India. In Chennai, the wet season is overcast, the dry season is windy and partly cloudy, and it is hot and oppressive year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 71°F to 98°F and is rarely below 68°F or above 103°F.

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Why Tamil Nadu is so hot?

“It is because of the high pressure that is common at this time of the year over the Indian peninsula. The moisture content is zero, there is no humidity. So whatever heat comes to us is reflected back,” says Pradeep John, weatherman, Tamil Nadu.