Frequent question: Why are decomposers and scavengers important in an ecosystem what would happen without them?

What would happen if there was an absence of decomposers in an ecosystem?

If there were no decomposers them the dead remains and waste would pile up. The nutrients would not be replenished. … All the nutrient cycles have decomposers as their components. In their absence, these nutrient cycles would not be complete.

What will happen if the scavengers are not there in the environment?

scavengers play an important role in human environment by consuming the dead animals and plant material . if there were no scavengers the dead animals and plants doesn’t decompose and consume.

What would happen if there was an absence of decomposers in an ecosystem give two examples of decomposers?

In the absence of decomposers, the dead bodies of plants and animals would keep lying as such and the elements of plant and animal bodies would never be returned to their original pool like soil, air and water.

What will happen to garbage and dead and decaying organic matter if there are no decomposers in nature?

Wastes and the remains of dead organisms would pile up and the nutrients within the waste and dead organisms would not be released back into the ecosystem. … If there would have been no decomposers on Earth, the whole of the Earth would have been filled with dead and decaying matter of plants and animals.

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What will happen if balance in nature is disturbed?

Answer: Human being release carbon dioxide in the environment which is taken up by the plants and releases oxygen which is taken by the human this makes of the balance in the nature.” If the balance of nature get disturbed then sudden calamity and disaster came as a result.

How do scavengers help the environment?

Scavengers are the organisms which feed on the dead and decaying these help the environment to be clean by eating out all the waste these organisms help the environment by cleaning the dead and decaying things.

Why are scavengers like Vulture useful to the environment?

scavengers animals like vulture which depends on dead and decaying body for their survival. They help to reduce the dead body by eating them. And help to protect environment, because they produce harmful gases.

How do decomposers and scavengers clean our surroundings?

Scavengers broke down the organic matter(dead plants and animals) into small pieces and the pieces are digested by Decomposers. Hence they both clean our surroundings.