How can you conserve biodiversity applying traditional knowledge?

How is traditional knowledge useful in conservation of biodiversity?

In order to be effective, efforts on biodiversity conservation can learn from the context-specific local knowledge and institutional mechanisms such as cooperation and collective action; intergenerational transmission of knowledge, skills and strategies; concern for well-being of future generations; reliance on local …

Which is the traditional method of conservation of biodiversity?

Community participation is key to sustainable management of biodiversity including mangroves, which are getting degraded due to hydrological and geomorphologic changes and the management practice of clear-felling. Fishermen use mangroves for fuelwood, house construction, thatching, grazing, fencing and fishing poles.

How can we protect traditional knowledge?

How to Protect Traditional Knowledge? There are methods through which TK can be protected: a) Positive Protection, and b) Defensive Mechanism. Positive protection means protecting TK by way of enacting laws, rules and regulations, access and benefit sharing provisions, royalties etc.

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How is traditional knowledge passed on from generation to generation?

Traditional Knowledge is usually shared among Elders, healers, or hunters and gatherers, and is passed on to the next generation through ceremonies, stories or teachings.

Which helps in the conservation of traditional life of tribals?

Biosphere Reserve : Large areas of protected land for conservation of wild life, plant and animal resources and traditional life of the tribals living in the area. agencies also take care of the forests and animals. … The biosphere reserves help to maintain the biodiversity and culture of that area.

What are traditional conservation methods?

Nine traditional practices for conservation of wild plants were identified as domestication; beliefs in sacredness of trees; beliefs in sacred forests; respect of cultural forests; protection of plants at the burial sites; selective harvesting; secrecy; collection of deadwood for firewood, and use of energy-saving …

Which of the following helps in the conservation of traditional life of tribal?

Answer: the reserve area which conserve traditional life of tribals along with the biodiversity is known as biosphere reserves.

How can the traditional knowledge skill and technology be innovative and improved?

Answer: Enroll in Technical Classes or Workshops. Get Technical Books. Volunteer for Technical Projects.

How important is traditional knowledge?

The transmission of traditional knowledge across generations is fundamental to protecting and promoting indigenous peoples’ cultures and identities and as well as the sustainability of livelihoods, resilience to human-made and natural disasters, and sustaining culturally appropriate economic development.

What is meant by traditional knowledge what are the characteristics of traditional knowledge what is an example of traditional knowledge?

Traditional knowledge refers to: knowledge or practices passed down from generation to generation that form part of the traditions or heritage of Indigenous communities. knowledge or practice for which Indigenous communities act as the guardians or custodians.

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Why is it important to conserve biodiversity?

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. … Biodiversity is the key indicator of the health of an ecosystem. A wide variety of species will cope better with threats than a limited number of them in large populations.