How can you design a self sustaining aquatic ecosystem Class 10?

How do you create a self sustaining ecosystem in Class 10?


  1. Take a transparent glass box for making an aquarium.
  2. Fill the box with water and add pebbles and soil.
  3. Add some plants like Hydrilla and some food for the fishes.
  4. Introduce small fishes to make the artificial aquatic ecosystem complete.

What is self sustaining aquatic ecosystem?

What Is a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem? A self-sustaining ecosystem is a mini ecosystem in a jar or other clear container. Think of it like having a diverse little fish tank that you don’t need to add anything to or feed because it does everything itself. All it needs is light.

What are the 3 things needed for a self sustaining ecosystem?

There are three main components required for sustainability in an ecosystem:

  • Energy availability – light from the sun provides the initial energy source for almost all communities.
  • Nutrient availability – saprotrophic decomposers ensure the constant recycling of inorganic nutrients within an environment.

Which is a self sustaining ecosystem pond or aquarium?

A pond is said to be a self sustaining unit because it is a natural ecosystem. The abiotic and biotic components of a pond are not regulated bu human beings and it has all the tropic levels. An aquarium is a man-made ecosystem because humans control the type of organisms, amount of light, water etc.

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Why is aquarium not a self sustaining ecosystem?

Where as, an aquarium is an artifitial ecosystem, it is made by man. … Also there is no sunlight and other abiotic factors, so the survival of the organisms in the aquarium is to be relied upon man who has to ensure the maintenance of the aquarium , so the aquarium is not a self-sustaining unit.

Which of the two is a self-sustaining ecosystem?

Biosphere 2, the Self-Sustaining Ecosystem Project.