How much waste in the UK goes to landfill?

How much waste goes to landfill in the UK 2019?

8.5 per cent of all local authority collected waste was sent to landfill in 2019/20. This was a total of 2.2 million tonnes, and 0.6 million tonnes lower (a decrease of 21.3 per cent) than in 2018/19.

What percentage of waste goes to landfill?

Landfilling of waste has decreased from 94 percent of the amount generated in 1960 to 50 percent of the amount generated in 2018.

Will UK run out of landfill?

England’s landfill sites will be overflowing by 2022, according to research from The Furniture Recycling Group. They say that 45.4 million tonnes of waste is dumped at landfill each year, with only enough space for 175.1 million tonnes of waste left in total, creating an increasingly shortening capacity gap.

How much waste is in the UK?

It is estimated that the UK generated 43.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial (C&I) waste in 2018, of which 37.2 million tonnes (85%) was generated in England. The latest estimates for England only, indicate that C&I waste generation was around 37.2 million tonnes in 2019.

How many landfills are in the UK?

There are only around 500 operational landfills in England and Wales.

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How much waste does each person produce UK?

On average each person in England and Wales produces nearly 500kg of household waste a year.

Where are landfills UK?

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Operator Site name Country
Augean North Limited MARKS QUARRY LANDFILL SITE England
Augean North Limited Port Clarence Non-Hazardous Landfill Site England
Augean South Limited East Northants Resource Management Facility England
Augean South Limited Thornhaugh Landfill Site England

Where does waste go UK?

The main and most common method of disposal in the United Kingdom is landfill. Other methods are also used such as Incineration and anaerobic digestion. Out of all of the waste that was from household, commercial and industrial waste, approximately 57% of the waste was disposed in landfill sites.

How much plastic goes to landfill each year UK?

Every year the UK generates more than two million metric tons of plastic packaging waste.