Question: What are the climatic factors that affect plant growth and development?

What are three major factors in the climate that affect plant growth?

Environmental factors that affect plant growth include light, temperature, water, humidity, and nutrition.

What is climatic factors in plants?

CLIMATIC FACTORS AFFECTING PLANT GROWTH The climatic factors include rainfall and water, light, temperature, relative humidity, air, and wind. They are a biotic components, including topography and soil, of the environmental factors that influence plant growth and development.

How does temperature affect plant growth?

Germination increases in higher temperatures – up to a point. Once the seeds reach optimum temperatures, which depends on the plant, germination begins to decline. … So whether it’s extreme heat or cold, temperature does affect plants and their growth.

What are the factors of plant growth?

The primary factors that affect plant growth include: water, temperature, light, and nutrients. These four elements affect growth hormones in the plant, causing it to grow more quickly or more slowly.

What are the weather elements that affect plant growth?

Weather has been defined as the variations of temperature, humidity, precipitation, and levels of solar radiation to which plants are exposed. Individually and jointly, these factors impact crop production and may vary greatly during a normal growing season.

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How climatic factors affect agriculture?

Climatic factors influence all aspects and stages of plant growth and hence affect agricultural productivity and stability of production. Their influence extends from the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in which spores and pollen are encountered, to the soil depth penetrated by the roots.

What are the major climatic factors?

Major climate factors

  • Latitude. The farther north of the equator a place is, the colder its winters are likely to be, and the longer the wintry weather is likely to last. …
  • Elevation. …
  • Jet streams. …
  • Windy or calm conditions. …
  • Timing and amount of rainfall. …
  • Location of mountain ranges. …
  • Influence of water.

What are the effects of climatic factors?

Climatic factors act directly on the growth, survival, reproduction, and movement of individuals and some of these processes can be studied experimentally, as well as by sampling in the ocean. The integrated effects of the individual processes, are observed at the level of populations, communities, or ecosystems.