Quick Answer: Is Mediterranean agriculture environmentally friendly?

Is Mediterranean agriculture good for the environment?

Traditional Mediterranean agriculture generated landscapes of high environmental value, permitting the cultivation of a wide variety of crops with a sustained production, but with mean yields inferior to those of Atlantic Europe.

How does Mediterranean climate affect agriculture?

This collection of resources pertaining to Mediterranean Climate Agriculture was compiled by ECHO Intern Eleni Patitsas in April, 2017. The native vegetation of mediterranean climate lands must be adapted to survive long, hot summer droughts and prolonged wet periods in winter.

Why do people use Mediterranean agriculture?

Irrigation in the Mediterranean is of vital importance for food security, employment and economic development. Our research shows that, at present, Mediterranean region could save 35% of water by implementing more efficient irrigation and conveyance systems.

What type of agriculture is Mediterranean agriculture?

Mediterranean Agriculture is simply a form of agriculture, found in a Mediterranean type climate. Started in Asia and Europe, Mediterranean farming has been going on for over 230,000 years. The four main aspects are orchard farming, viticulture, cereal and vegetable cultivation.

Is Mediterranean agriculture bad for the environment?

In certain North African and eastern Mediterranean countries, climate change may result in surface water reductions of more than 35 percent. Rainfed agriculture, which, in certain areas of North Africa represents more than 90 percent of total agricultural land, will be particularly affected.

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What climate is needed for Mediterranean agriculture?

Mediterranean agriculture is that type found in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which have mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, and also in those areas elsewhere with a similar climate – central and southern California, central Chile, the south west of Cape Province, the south west of Western Australia …

Why Mediterranean agriculture is more beneficial agriculture?

The advantage of Mediterranean agriculture is that more valuable crops such as fruits and vegetables are grown in winters when there is great demand in European and north American Markets.

Is Mediterranean agriculture extensive?

Mediterranean agriculture is well known. … Subsistence and cash crops farming is undertaken with extensive and intensive production. The two most important cash crops are olives and grapes, the major source of income through exports.