Quick Answer: What is an ecosystem explain its structural components?

What are the structural components of an ecosystem?

4 Structural Components of Ecosystem – Explained!

  • According to Odum, from the trophic (food) point of view, an ecosystem has two components:
  • Every ecosystem has the following four structural components:
  • Producers:
  • Consumers:
  • Decomposers:
  • Abiotic Substances or Components:

What do you mean by ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life. Ecosystems contain biotic or living, parts, as well as abiotic factors, or nonliving parts. Biotic factors include plants, animals, and other organisms.

What is ecosystem describe the structure of an ecosystem?

Ecosystem : An ecosystem is a geographical area where plants, animals, bacteria and other organisms live together and perform various functions. Ecosystem describes the relation between the biotic (living) and abiotic (non living) components. … Decomposers are mainly fungi and bacteria.

What is ecosystem explain structure and components of ecosystem?

Ecosystem is defined as the earth’s vital units encompassing the entire system of living organisms (biotic) and the physical factors (abiotic or non-living things) that make up the environment. Otherwise stated, the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment constitutes the ecosystem.

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What are the components of ecosystem explain with example?

An ecosystem can be categorized into its abiotic constituents, including minerals, climate, soil, water, sunlight, and all other nonliving elements, and its biotic constituents, consisting of all its living members.

What is ecosystem describe its structure and function?

An ecosystem is a discrete structural, functional and life sustaining environmental system. … Biotic component of the ecosystem includes the living organisms; plants, animals and microbes whereas the abiotic component includes inorganic matter and energy.

What are the biotic components of the ecosystem?

Biotic describes a living component of an ecosystem; for example organisms, such as plants and animals. Examples Water, light, wind, soil, humidity, minerals, gases. All living things — autotrophs and heterotrophs — plants, animals, fungi, bacteria.

What are the components of ecosystem Class 10?


  • Ecosystem. The abiotic components of ecosystem are light, temperature, rainfall, wind, soil etc.
  • Abiotic components -light, rainfall, soil. Various examples of ecosystem are forests, ponds, gardens, crop fields.
  • Forest- an ecosystem.
  • Pond- an ecosystem.
  • Garden- an ecosystem.
  • Crop field- an ecosystem.

What are the various structural components of an ecosystem How are they linked together?

There are two kinds of factors or components in an ecosystem. They are abiotic components and biotic components. Abiotic component is helpful in sustaining the biotic component. Abiotic component is transferred from nature to the biotic component and again transferred to nature.

What are the difference between structural and functional components of ecosystem?

It has both structure and function. The structure is related to species diversity. According to E.P.Odum, the ecosystem is the basic functional unit of organism and their environment interacting with each other. The function of ecosystem is related to the energy flow, decomposition, nutrient cycling and major biomes.

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