What are the functional elements of integrated solid waste management?

What are the functional elements of waste management system?

The activities associated with the management of municipal solid wastes from the point of generation to final disposal can be grouped into the six functional elements: (a) waste generation; (b) waste handling and sorting, storage, and processing at the source; (c) collection; (d) sorting, processing and transformation;

What are the 6 functional elements of waste management system?

The activities involved in the solid waste management have grouped into six functional elements:

  • Waste generation.
  • On-site handling, storage and processing.
  • Collection.
  • Transfer and transport.
  • Processing and recovery.
  • Disposal.

What are the elements of solid waste?

Functional Elements of Solid Waste #1

  • Waste generation.
  • On-site Handling, Sorting, Storage, and Processing at the Source.
  • Collection.
  • Transfer and transport.
  • Resource recovery and Processing.
  • Disposal.

What is an integrated solid waste management system?

Integrated solid waste management refers to the strategic approach to sustainable management of solid wastes covering all sources and all aspects, covering generation, segregation, transfer, sorting, treatment, recovery and disposal in an integrated manner, with an emphasis on maximizing resource use efficiency.

What is the purpose of integrated waste management?

Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is a comprehensive waste prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal program. An effective ISWM system considers how to prevent, recycle, and manage solid waste in ways that most effectively protect human health and the environment.

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Which is the fifth functional element of SWM system?

5. Processing and recovery: Those techniques, equipment and facilities used both to improve the efficiency of the other functional elements and to recover usable materials, conversion products or energy from solid wastes.

What are the types of solid waste management?

6 Main Types of Solid Waste Management

  • a. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW):
  • b. Hazardous Wastes:
  • c. Industrial Wastes:
  • d. Agricultural Wastes:
  • e. Bio-Medical Wastes:
  • f. Waste Minimization: