What is recyclable in South Carolina?

What items can be recycled in South Carolina?

Guide to Recyclables

  • Plastic bottles and jugs (all containers numbered 1-7). …
  • Aluminum cans.
  • Cardboard (flatten boxes and remove all non-paper packaging such as Styrofoam; no pizza boxes with heavy grease or cheese residue)
  • Mixed paper (magazines, bulk mail, phone books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Paperboard.
  • Steel cans.
  • Books.

What items are considered recyclable?

What Can Be Recycled Curbside

  • Paper including newspapers, magazines, and mixed paper.
  • Cardboard (OCC)
  • Glass bottles and jars.
  • Rigid plastic products.
  • Metal containers, including tin, aluminum, and steel cans.
  • Food waste, if your city has an organics collection program.

Does South Carolina recycle bottles?

Programs differ from community to community. Most programs, however, accept aluminum cans, plastic bottles, steel cans (e.g., fruit, vegetable, soup), cardboard, newspaper, glass bottles (clear, green and brown).

Does South Carolina have recycling laws?

A: Residents are required by law to recycle computers, computer monitors, printers and televisions. Each of South Carolina’s 46 counties as well as some municipalities provide collection programs and/or offer single-day collection events for unwanted electronics.

What are three examples of items that Cannot be recycled?

Non-recyclable items

  • Garbage.
  • Food waste.
  • Food-tainted items (such as: used paper plates or boxes, paper towels, or paper napkins)
  • Ceramics and kitchenware.
  • Windows and mirrors.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Packing peanuts and bubble wrap.
  • Wax boxes.
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What is not recyclable?

Not everything can be recycled, even if it’s made up of recyclable materials. Plastics like clothes hangers, grocery bags, and toys aren’t always recyclable in your curbside bin. Other things that aren’t recyclable include Styrofoam, bubble wrap, dishes, and electronic cords.

Can potato chip bags be recycled?

Snack Bags Are Recycling Contaminants

The shiny lining in chip bags is often aluminum or a special mixed plastic. Since recycling plants cannot separate the plastic outer layer from the aluminum inner layer, these mixed-material bags cannot be recycled.

Why are some bread tags not able to be recycled here?

Bread tags are made of high impact polystyrene (Type 6 PS Plastic) which is denser than many other types of plastic, making them compact and easy to recycle. … So much so that they can skip the shredding stage of the recycle process, going straight to melting and extruding the plastic.