What is the hot and wet equatorial climatic region located?

Where is the hot and wet equatorial climate region located?

The equatorial, hot, wet climate is found between 5° and 10° north and south of the equator. Its greatest extent is found in the lowlands of the Amazon, the Congo, Malaysia and the East Indies.

What is hot wet equatorial climate?

wet equatorial climate, major climate type of the Köppen classification characterized by consistently high temperatures (around 30 °C [86 °F]), with plentiful precipitation (150–1,000 cm [59–394 inches]), heavy cloud cover, and high humidity, with very little annual temperature variation.

Where is the equatorial region located?

The equatorial region is located between 5° and 10° latitude on either side of the equator. It stretches in the Amazon lowlands in South America, Congo basin in Africa and the East Indies, from Sumatra to New Guinea. Being located near the equator, it is characterized by high sunshine throughout the year.

Which region is known as the equatorial climatic region?

The humid equatorial climate of Central Africa, which lies along the equator, sustains tropical rainforests throughout the region and provides the excellent growing conditions needed for high value crops such as bananas, coffee, oil palm, and cacao.

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Why equatorial climate is hot and wet?

The equatorial region is the areas of abundant precipitation. The high level of rainfall is due to the equatorial belt’s high temperature, high humidity, and highly unstable air. As a result, condensation takes place and clouds are formed which causes heavy rainfall in equatorial regions.

Why is the climate near the equator hot and wet?

Countries, towns and cities located around the equator experience hot weather throughout the year. It is because the sun remains almost directly overhead everyday. … So places with seasons spend some of the year nearer to the sun and some of the year further away from it.

What is the equatorial region?

Equatorial region, a region of the Earth surrounding the equator. Equatorial Islands, an alternative name for the Line Islands in the central Pacific Ocean. Equatorial Africa, an ambiguous term for part of Africa near the equator. Equatorial Guinea, a country in Central Africa.

Where do we observe tropical region and equatorial regions?

The tropics are regions of the Earth that lie roughly in the middle of the globe. The tropics between the latitude lines of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The tropics include the Equator and parts of North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.