When was the word recycling invented?

When was the word recycle first used?

“to reuse material,” 1922, originally of industrial processes; see re- + cycle (v.). Specifically of waste material reclaimed or converted into usable form, by 1960.

What is the root word of recycling?

The Greek root word cycl means “circle.” This Greek root is the word origin of a number of English vocabulary words, including unicycle, recycle, and Cyclops.

Who invented recycling process?

Benjamin Law invented the shoddy process – the creation of recycled wool from old clothes and rags. He organised the collection of these rags, grinding all he gathered so it could then be re-spun into yarn.

What are the three words for recycling?

Just three words — Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

  • The cost of waste. …
  • Waste champions. …
  • Managing resources.

What is this word recycling?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to pass again through a series of changes or treatments: such as. a : to process (something, such as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain material for human use.

How did recycling begin?

Ancient Japanese people began recycling paper almost as soon as they learned how to produce it and recycling became part of paper production and consumption. Japanese culture generally treats recycled paper as being more precious than new and the recycled paper was often used in paintings and poetry.

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