Which climate type is the only one that experiences four distinct seasons?

What zones experience the Four seasons?

Seasons on Earth are found only in the temperate zones. These zones extend from 23.5° north (and south) latitude to 66.5° north (and south) latitude. In these regions of Earth nature exhibits four seasons; spring, summer, autumn (or fall) and winter.

What are the 4 major climate zones?

According to this classification system, four major climatic belts―equatorial, tropical, mid-latitude and arctic (Antarctic), which are dominated by equatorial, tropical, polar and arctic (Antarctic) air masses respectively―are differentiated in the globe.

What are the climatic seasons?

The country’s meteorological department follows the international standard of four seasons with some local adjustments: winter (January and February), summer (March, April and May), monsoon (rainy) season (June to September), and a post-monsoon period (October to December).

What latitude has 4 distinct seasons?

The four distinct seasons—spring, summer, autumn (or fall), and winter—are found only in the temperate zones. These zones extend from 23.5 degrees North (and South) latitude to 66.5 degrees North (and South) latitude.

What are the Four seasons in India?


Seasons Month Climate
Winter December to January Very Cool
Spring Feburary to March Sunny and pleasant.
Summer April to June Hot
Monsoon July to Mid-September Wet, hot and humid
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