Which of the following solid waste disposal method is ecologically most acceptable?

What is the best disposal method for the environment?

Ways to Dispose of Waste without Harming the Environment

  • Recycling. The first and most obvious way is recycling. …
  • Composting. Composting turns your food waste into fuel for your garden and it can suit gardens of any kind. …
  • Reusing. …
  • Anaerobic Digestion.

Which of the following methods is better for the solid waste problem?

Which of the following methods is better for the solid waste problem? Sol: (a) Recycling.

What is solid waste and types of solid waste?

Solid waste is any waste generated by every day human activities. Solid waste may be in the form of household garbage, leftovers of food and other wastage that include old house hold items such as papers, plastic waste in the form of kitchen equipment or any other products that are consumed during every day activities.

What is the Bangalore method for solid waste disposal?

In the Bangalore method of composting, dry waste material of 25 cm thick is spread in a pit and a thick suspension of cow dung in water is sprinkled over for moistening. A thin layer of dry waste is laid over the moistened layer.

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What are the various methods that are being adopted for collection and disposal of solid waste?

You will find there are eight major groups of waste management methods, each of them divided into numerous categories. Those groups include source reduction and reuse, animal feeding, recycling, composting, fermentation, landfills, incineration, and land application.