Why is rainfall important for climate?

Why rainfall is so important?

Rain and snow are key elements in the Earth’s water cycle, which is vital to all life on Earth. Rainfall is the main way that the water in the skies comes down to Earth, where it fills our lakes and rivers, recharges the underground aquifers, and provides drinks to plants and animals.

What is the relationship between climate and rainfall?

As average temperatures at the Earth’s surface rise, more evaporation occurs, which, in turn, increases overall precipitation. Therefore, a warming climate is expected to increase precipitation in many areas.

How does rainfall affect the environment?

The Effect of Rainfall on Soil and Plants

Excessive rainfall can damage plants and compact the soil. When soil becomes compacted, erosion eventually occurs. Additionally, too much rain leads to reduced soil oxygen, and this can lead to root loss that stifles a plant’s growth.

Why is rainwater important to us?

For the survival of plants and animals, rainfall is very important. It helps in bringing fresh water to the surface of the earth. … If it is less than water scarcity and drought are likely to occur. On the other hand, if it is more, then the floods can also take place.

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Why is rainfall important short answer?

Rainfall is very important for the survival of plants and animals. It brings fresh water to the earth’s surface. If rainfall is less, there is water scarcity which sometimes causes drought like situation. If there is excess rain, floods take place which makes the life of the affected people miserable.

What is the importance of rain as water resource?

An adequate means for Irrigation purposeHarvesting rainwater allows the collection of large amounts of water and mitigates the effects of drought. Most rooftops provide the necessary platform for collecting water. Rainwater is mostly free from harmful chemicals, which makes it suitable for irrigation purposes.

How does climate change reduce rainfall?

Current climate models indicate that rising temperatures will intensify the Earth’s water cycle, increasing evaporation. Increased evaporation will result in more frequent and intense storms, but will also contribute to drying over some land areas.

Why is it important to know about weather and climate?

It’s important that we understand how the climate is changing, so that we can prepare for the future. Studying the climate helps us predict how much rain the next winter might bring, or how far sea levels will rise due to warmer sea temperatures.