You asked: What is the purpose of the leachate collection system in a modern sanitary landfill?

Why is leachate collected from landfills?

In order to comply with landfill effluent guidelines, many landfill sites employ some method of collecting landfill leachate to prevent it from migrating offsite together with suspended or dissolved contaminants derived from the waste pile that could potentially contaminate surrounding soil and groundwater.

Why leachate collection and monitoring is important for engineered landfill?

Leachate monitoring is a desirable integral part of landfill operations. This includes volumetric control (flow) and quality control (chemical composition, sediment load, etc.). Leachate treatment is extremely helpful in reducing potential harmful impacts of landfill operations.

What is the purpose of integrated waste management?

Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is a comprehensive waste prevention, recycling, composting, and disposal program. An effective ISWM system considers how to prevent, recycle, and manage solid waste in ways that most effectively protect human health and the environment.

What is the effect of leachate in the environment?

Leachate that escapes from a landfill can contaminate groundwater, surface waters and soil, potentially polluting the environment and harming human health.

What is a leachate collection system?

A leachate collection system basically consists of a drainage layer of inert material with high permeability, of drainage pipes which have to collect the leachate and to discharge it out of the dumping area, of collection and inspection shafts, and of collection pipes.

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What is leachate and how is it controlled in a landfill?

Leachate can be controlled in lined landfills with leachate collection and storage systems. These systems typically include provisions for the drainage of leachate within the landfill and pumping the leachate to storage tanks. The stored leachate can then be trucked or pumped to a wastewater treatment plant.

How is leachate managed in landfills?

Leachate can be treated by biological processes, such as activated sludge. Physicochemical processes are used to remove metals, ammonia, and dissolved solids, among other parameters. Membrane separation is an effective method for clarifying mixed liquor produced during biological treatment.