Your question: Are environmental product declarations mandatory?

Are environmental declarations mandatory?

Both are voluntary instruments based on international standards and independent verification. An EPD provides verified, objective and detailed information about the life cycle environmental impact of a product.

Is an EPD compulsory?

EPDs in construction projects and manufacturing are voluntary. However, their use is rapidly growing in line with awareness about environmental impacts.

What is an environmental production declaration?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent, objective report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle. A verified EPD can earn your products credits for LEED v4 and other green building rating systems.

Why is an environmental product declaration important?

EPDs currently help contribute to credits in several green building systems, including LEED and Green Globes. … What’s key about an EPD is that it is an internationally recognized, single, comprehensive disclosure of a product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

How much does an environmental product declaration cost?

Roughly speaking, the results of our cost survey showed that the costs of assessment for environmental product declaration (PCRs and EPDs) to be between $13,000 and $41,000, and the workload to be between 22 and 44 person-days.

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How do you declare an environmental product declaration?


  1. Find an appropriate product category rule (PCR). The first step in creating an EPD is to find or create a PCR that’s applicable to a particular product category. …
  2. Conduct and verify the product LCA. …
  3. Compile the EPD. …
  4. Verify the EPD. …
  5. Register the EPD.

What are health product declarations?

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide a full disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern in products by comparing product ingredients to a set of priority “hazard” lists based on the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals and additional lists from other government agencies.

What is product environmental profile?

LCA is a method that quantifies the potential environmental impacts associated with a product throughout its life cycle i.e. from raw material extraction through: processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair/ maintenance, and disposal or recycling.

What are environmental product declarations discuss with an example?

As an example, a 38-page EPD for a pasta product contains sections on the brand and product, environmental performance calculations, information on sustainable wheat cultivation, milling, packaging production, pasta production, distribution, cooking, packaging end-of-life, and summary tables for environmental results …

What is a Type III environmental declaration?

Type III environmental declarations present quantified environmental information on the life cycle of a product to enable comparisons between products fulfilling the same function.

How much does an EPD cost?

The total cost for creating a PCR and an EPD, was in the range USD 13,000–41,000 and the workload was 22–44 person-days. Our survey revealed eight breakdown costs as well. Multiple regression analysis showed several statistical relationships between cost/workload and characteristics of EPD programs.

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