Your question: How many ecological reserves are there in BC?

How many ecosystems are there in BC?

On land alone, British Columbia has over 600 types of climax ecosystems.

What are ecological reserves?

Ecological reserves are areas selected to preserve representative and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features and phenomena. Scientific research and educational purposes are the principal uses of ecological reserves.

Are BC Parks Crown land?

All provincial parks are highly protected Crown lands and managed to high standards.

What percentage of BC is protected?

Protection. In eight years, BC has doubled its protected areas to 13.8 percent of the province – one of the highest percentages in North America. BC’s protected areas are larger than all of the forest area ever logged in the forest. BC’s protected areas total 11.7 million hectares (29 million acres).

What percentage of BC is in parks?

almost 90% of British Columbians have used a provincial park at some time; and, about six in ten residents of British Columbia use a provincial park each year.

How many parks and protected areas are there in BC?

British Columbia’s parks system is the second largest in Canada – only the national parks system is bigger. More than 970 parks and protected areas in British Columbia contain some of the best representative elements and special features of the province’s natural heritage.

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