Best answer: What is the name of the ocean current that has the greatest impact on the climate of Europe?

Which ocean current most closely impacts the climate of Europe?

The Gulf Stream is a powerful western boundary current in the North Atlantic Ocean that strongly influences the climate of the East Coast of the United States and many Western European countries. Click the image for a larger view. One particularly powerful western boundary current is the Gulf Stream.

What ocean current warms the climate of northwestern Europe?

Characterized by warm temperature and high salinity, the North Atlantic Current is sometimes concealed at the surface by shallow and variable wind-drift movements. The current often mixes with northern cold polar water to produce excellent fishing grounds near islands and along the coast of northwestern Europe.

What is the name of the ocean currents?

List of Ocean Currents of the World

Name of Current Nature of Current
Kuroshio Current Warm
North Pacific Current Warm
Alaskan Current Warm
Counter Equatorial Current Warm

What are the ocean currents called?

Thermohaline circulation, also known as the ocean’s conveyor belt, refers to the deep ocean density-driven ocean basin currents. These currents, which flow under the surface of the ocean and are thus hidden from immediate detection, are called submarine rivers.

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What ocean current affects the climate of the west coast of South America?

THE HUMBOLDT CURRENT, also known as the Peru Current, is an ocean current that flows along the western coast of South America, affecting the water and air temperatures of coastal CHILE and PERU.

Which ocean current is the strongest and fastest ocean current in the world?

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current moves clockwise. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the planet’s most powerful and arguably most important current.

Which ocean current contributes to most of Europe’s mild winter climate?

The return northward flow occurs over the eastern Atlantic Ocean and western Europe, bringing mild subtropical air north and pleasantly warming winters on the far side of ocean. Topographically forced atmospheric waves contribute significantly to the large difference in winter temperature across the Atlantic.

What is the name of the current that gives Europe its warm weather and northern US Its cold weather *?

This is thanks to the Gulf Stream, also known as the North Atlantic Drift. It’s a current that flows northeast out of the Gulf of Mexico and the southern Atlantic and bathes western Europe in warm water – and ocean warmed water.