Can you recycle plastic litter boxes?

Can you recycle plastic cat litter boxes?

Follow the How2Recycle Directions on the Litter Container

These are made of paper and can be recycled with other cardboard through curbside recycling or at local collection centers. If your cat litter container has a recycling symbol with the phrase “Check Locally,” it may not be recyclable in all communities.

How do you throw away a cat litter box?

The best way to get rid of old litter is simply to throw it out. You must scoop the litter box at least once a day to remove large clumps of urine and other waste. Scoop the waste into a small trash bag and tie it off to prevent odors or spillage. Make sure to use durable trash bags, as litter can become quite heavy.

What do you do with used cat boxes?

Put those waste into a bag. Hold the bag over the litter box when you are picking these scraps so that nothing falls outside. Try to avoid using plastic bags since we all environmentally friendly citizens! Seal the bag tightly, and now you can throw it to garbage with your regular trash!

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