Frequent question: What do you mean by functional components of ecosystem?

What are the major functional components of an ecosystem?

The correct answer is Nutrients cycling and energy flow.

What are the functioning parts of an ecosystem?

The environmental system consists of biotic and abiotic components in a habitat. Biotic component of the ecosystem includes the living organisms; plants, animals and microbes whereas the abiotic component includes inorganic matter and energy.

What are the two major functional components of an ecosystem?

The two main components of the ecosystem are : Abiotic component: The components that are non-living are called Abiotic components. Example: stones, rocks etc. Biotic Components: The components that are living are called Biotic components.

Which of the following functional components occur in all natural ecosystems?

Ecosystem composed of biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) component. Biotic component includes producers, consumers and detritivores. The producers and detritivores are absolutely essential functional component of the ecosystem.

What are the components of ecosystem Class 10?


  • Ecosystem. The abiotic components of ecosystem are light, temperature, rainfall, wind, soil etc.
  • Abiotic components -light, rainfall, soil. Various examples of ecosystem are forests, ponds, gardens, crop fields.
  • Forest- an ecosystem.
  • Pond- an ecosystem.
  • Garden- an ecosystem.
  • Crop field- an ecosystem.
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What are the components of ecosystem structure?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Thus, in an ecosystem, the first three of the four structural components are composed of living things. Green plants are the predominant producers; animals, the consumers; and fungi and bacteria, the decomposers. However, some ecosystems may lack one or another of the components.

What are the 3 main components of an ecosystem?

Ecosystems have lots of different living organisms that interact with each other. The living organisms in an ecosystem can be divided into three categories: producers, consumers and decomposers. They are all important parts of an ecosystem. Producers are the green plants.