How do I become a wildlife rehabilitator in Canada?

How much do wildlife rehabilitators make in Canada?

Frequently asked questions about a Wildlife Rehabilitator salaries. The highest salary for a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Canada is $98,738 per year. The lowest salary for a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Canada is $37,600 per year.

How do I start a career in wildlife rehabilitation?

Consider an internship or volunteering at an animal conservation center, veterinary clinic or a wildlife rehabilitation facility that houses various native and exotic species. This will provide you with hands-on experience for taking care of different wildlife animals.

What degree do you need to work in wildlife rehabilitation?

For most rehabilitators, NWRA recommends a college degree in biology or ecology. The curriculum should include ornithology, mammalogy, animal behavior, ecology, and related wildlife and environmental subjects.

How much do wildlife rehabilitators make in Ontario?

$30,474 (CAD)/yr.

How much money does a wildlife rehabilitator make?

What about pay? Figures from Indeed suggest that Australian wildlife rehabilitators can earn from $62,700 up to $103,400 for more specialised roles. Managers can make even more than this if they hold senior positions.

How do I become an animal rehabilitator?

Before receiving their permits, rehabilitators must meet various requirements, such as specialized training, participation in mentorship programs, facility inspections, and written or oral exams. Rehabilitators who wish to care for migratory birds must also get permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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What are the disadvantages of being a wildlife rehabilitator?

Cons: The wild animal will become dependent on humans to take care of them. You could potentially harm the animal more the helping it. Taking the animal out of the circle of life.