How do I wipe my old IMAC before recycling?

How do I prepare my old Mac for recycling?

Shut down your Mac, then turn it on and immediately press and hold these four keys together: Option, Command, P, and R. Release the keys after about 20 seconds. This clears user settings from memory and restores certain security features that might have been altered.

How do I wipe my Mac before donating?

Restart Your Mac and Boot Into Recovery Mode

Click “Restart” in the Apple menu. As your machine begins to reboot, simultaneously hold down the Command + R keys. Hold these two keys down until the “Recovery Mode” screen loads.

How do I erase my old imac hard drive?

How to Wipe a Mac With an M1 Chip

  1. Turn on your Mac and continue to press and hold the power button until the startup options window comes up. …
  2. When the Utilities window appears, select Disk Utility.
  3. In the sidebar, choose Macintosh HD.
  4. Click the “Erase” button, then select a file system format and enter a name for it.

Can I completely wipe my Mac?

You can wipe your Mac computer — or, in other words, factory reset it — through the macOS Utilities menu. This is a good plan if your Mac is malfunctioning, or you’re looking to sell it. Doing this will wipe all of your personal data and applications. It’ll be like you just turned on your Mac for the first time.

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How do I wipe my Mac hard drive before selling it?

Just shut down your Mac, and then turn it back on. As soon as you hit the power button, hold down Option + Command + P + R on the keyboard. You can release the keys after about 20 seconds. Once done, your final step is to erase the hard drive and reinstall macOS.

How do I factory reset my 2009 IMAC?

Run Disk Utility

Run the Disk Utility in the Utilities window by clicking it. Click Macintosh HD, then click Erase to erase the data on your hard drive. Click Quit Disk Utility when the erase success message appears.

What can I do with my old imac?

What to do with your old Mac

  • When is your Mac “too old”? …
  • Recycle your old Mac with the Apple Trade In program. …
  • Clean your Mac and get it up to speed. …
  • Turn your Mac into a network-attached storage system. …
  • Create an emergency Wi-Fi hotspot. …
  • Install Linux on your Mac. …
  • Back up your Mac. …
  • Deauthorize and sign out of your accounts.

How can I donate my old Mac?

If the Mac is no longer functional, or if it’s too old, you can recycle it. Apple’s recycling program will take any of your devices and recycle them. They may even give you a gift card if the computer still has some value.

How do you strip a Mac computer?

Select the Mac’s hard disk icon, then select the “Erase” tab. Select the “Security Options” button and erase the disk. The more “securely” you erase the disk, the longer it will take. The fastest method is sufficient since all but the most expensive techniques and equipment will be able to recover securely erased data.

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How do I wipe my Mac without recovery mode?

Before we begin

  1. Select ‘Disk Utility. ‘
  2. Select the volume that you want to erase.
  3. Click ‘Erase. ‘
  4. Disk Utility will now wipe your hard drive. Once the process is complete, select ‘Quit Disk Utility,’ to return to the main macOS Utilities window.