How do you recycle cardboard waste?

How do you recycle cardboard?

The cardboard recycling process

  1. The cardboard is sorted and shredded.
  2. It is mixed with water and pulped.
  3. The pulp is filtered.
  4. More water is added.
  5. The mixture is rolled and dried.
  6. Sheets are converted to new cardboard.

What can cardboard be recycled into?

When recycled, cardboard is used to make chipboard like cereal boxes, paperboard, paper towels, tissues and printing or writing paper. It’s also made into more corrugated cardboard.

How do you recycle cardboard at home?

The first step in the cardboard recycling process is to break down the box. Use a box cutter, knife, scissors or house key to cut any tape holding the box together, allowing you to easily collapse it. Check to make sure there are no packaging materials, like plastic, left in the box. Then flatten it completely.

Is cardboard easy to recycle?

Cardboard is Easier to Recycle than it is to Make

Cardboard is one of the most efficient materials to recycle. Making cardboard from scratch requires not only trees for wood, but also various industrial chemicals and vast amounts of energy.

Why does cardboard need to be recycled?

One of the most significant benefits of recycling cardboard is that it reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill. Landfill sites are notoriously harmful to the local environment through air and water pollution, so by recycling more cardboard, less ends up in landfill which thus lessens the damaging effects.

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How do you recycle paper and cardboard?


  1. Get to know what paper products are recyclable and which are not.
  2. Separate your recyclables from wet waste. …
  3. Take a second to separate any non-paper packaging from paper or cardboard.
  4. Always keep paper clean and dry as this ensures a quality fibre for use in making new products.

How clean does cardboard need to be to be recycled?

Clean and Dry Cardboard Only

As long as your cardboard and paperboard is clean and dry, it should be placed in your recycle bin. Wet or greasy cardboard like pizza boxes or fast food boxes are considered a contaminate and belong in the garbage.