Is pressure treated wood considered hazardous waste?

Is pressure treated wood hazardous waste?

Pressure treated (CCA) lumber has enough toxic chemicals to qualify as a hazardous waste. … Although it is illegal to incinerate CCA treated wood in all 50 states, it is often burned by individuals as scrap firewood, in campsites and construction sites, all the while releasing highly toxic chemicals into the air.

What can you do with scrap pressure treated wood?

Treated wood of all types can be most responsibly disposed of as follows: Homeowners engaged in small projects should take treated wood to their local landfill or transfer station and place it in the designated location (i.e., the non-clean wood pile).

Is wood hazardous waste?

Wood that is used in commercial and industrial applications is commonly treated with preserving chemicals. … Certain wood treatment chemicals can pose a risk to human health, and the environment, which is why the treated waste wood may be classed as a hazardous waste.

What is considered treated wood waste?

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control defines treated wood waste (TWW) as wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives. … Fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, decking and grape stakes are all examples of chemically treated wood.

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Is pressure treated wood considered hazardous waste in California?

Treated wood has been considered hazardous for years under California law.

What can I do with left over treated wood?

If you do need to dispose of any wood in the end, you can take the leftovers to your local waste management facility. There, it can be left in the designated area for pressure-treated wood. For more information, or to shop pressure-treated lumber, visit

How do you dispose of pressure treated wood in California?

It must be disposed of at an authorized landfill – as of September 2021, a special variance is no longer required to haul and dispose of treated wood. California’s DTSC has a new treated wood fact sheet with info on proper storage and hauling procedures.

How do you dispose of Tanalised timber?

Tanalised® E pressure treated timber should not be used for fuel in barbecues, cooking stoves or grates. Householders should dispose of the timber, sawdust or ash through the ordinary waste collection service or at a local authority amenity/disposal site.

Where can I dispose of pressure treated wood in Sonoma County?

Sonoma Transfer Station (Disposal and Recycling)

4376 Stage Gulch Rd. NotesDrop-off and fee: pressure treated, railroad ties, telephone poles (less than 6 feet).

Where can I dispose of pressure treated wood in Contra Costa County?

There are main locations:

  • East County – 2500 Pittsburg/Antioch Highway, Antioch, CA 94509, 925-759-1991.
  • Central County – Central Sanitary District, 4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez, CA 94553, 800-646-1431.
  • West County – 101 Pittsburg Avenue, Richmond, CA, 888-412-9277.

How do you dispose of creosote treated wood?

Disposing of Items Treated with Creosote Safely

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Reuse of creosote-treated wood is not subject to regulation by EPA under pesticide laws. If homeowners need to dispose of creosote-treated wood, it can usually be disposed of by ordinary trash collection (i.e., as municipal solid waste).