Is the reason for why the climate in Western Europe is warmer milder than it should be considering the latitude?

What keeps western Europe’s climate milder than expected?

It is widely believed by scientists and lay people alike that the transport of warm water north in the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift, and its release to the atmos- phere, is a major reason why western Europe’s winters are so much milder (as much as 15–20 degC) than those of eastern North America (Fig.

Why is Eastern Europe colder than western Europe?

The return northward flow occurs over the eastern Atlantic Ocean and western Europe, bringing mild subtropical air north and pleasantly warming winters on the far side of ocean. Topographically forced atmospheric waves contribute significantly to the large difference in winter temperature across the Atlantic.

Why is western Europe warmer than eastern Canada?

According to Riser and Lozier, the cause of the temperature difference is likely a complex interaction between the surface ocean, the Gulf Stream, massive upper atmospheric currents and differences in pressure on either side of the Atlantic.

Why is it that much of Europe has mild temperatures compared to world regions of similar latitude?

Why is it that much of Europe has mild temperatures compared to world regions of similar latitude? mild temperatures are caused by the moderating influence of the north atlantic drift. … Fishing villages dot Europe’s coast, and fishing boats can be found in all waters bordering the continent.

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What is the climate in Western Europe?

Western European areas

The climate usually has mild, wet winters and cool, humid summers. Long harsh frost periods are rare just like hot summers. Due to the longer growing period there are many possibilities and solutions to choose from.

Why do Western Europe sea temperatures remain warmer than would be expected?

Europe’s sea temperatures range from the year-round warm waters of the Mediterranean to the sea ice of the Arctic Circle. Heavily influenced by the Atlantic Gulf Stream current Western Europe’s sea temperatures remain higher than might be expected.

Why is Europe a temperate climate?

Much of Europe enjoys a mild climate, at least when compared with other locations throughout the world lying at the same latitude. This is primarily due to the Atlantic Ocean’s warm Gulf Stream current, which exerts a moderating effect on a significant portion of the continent, particularly its westernmost half.

Why is Europe colder than Asia?

In the northern hemisphere, air flows clockwise around a high-pressure system. The current set-up, with high pressure over Russia, means that our air is coming from the east, bringing low temperatures with it. … If the air passes over cold land, it may see little change of temperature.

What is the coldest place in Europe?

Reykjavík, Iceland: Europe’s city with the lowest daytime temperatures.

Western Europe.

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