Question: What will happen if there is an imbalance in the ecosystem?

What would happen if there is imbalance in the ecosystem?

If one species is lost the entire ecosystem can stop working. … If something happens in an ecosystem, it can shift from a state of balance to a state of imbalance. Ecological imbalance is when a natural or human-caused disturbance disrupts the natural balance of an ecosystem.

What is imbalance in an ecosystem?

Ecosystems establish a state of balance where species coexist with other species. … When a natural or human-caused disturbance disrupts the natural balance of an ecosystem it is known as Ecological imbalance. This disturbance is any change that causes a disruption in ecosystem balance.

Why balance is important in ecosystem?

Ecological balance is a term used to describe the equilibrium between living organisms such as human being, plants, and animals as well as their environment. … Therefore, this balance is very important because it ensures survival, existence and stability of the environment.

What are the effects of imbalance in the food chain?

Extinctions and Disruptions

If one species in the food web ceases to exist, one or more members in the rest of the chain could cease to exist too. A plant or animal doesn’t even have to become extinct to affect one of its predators.

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What is an ecosystem explain any two reasons of ecological imbalance?

Ecosystem is a community of biotic and abiotic components in the environment. two reasons of ecological imbalance are. killing of animals. cutting down of trees. lot of pollution.

Is responsible for the imbalance in nature?

Human beings are an integral part of the ecosystem together with species of plants and animals. Human activities have largely been responsible for disturbing balance of nature, bringing changes in the climatic conditions, thereby creating ecological imbalance.

How has ecological imbalance affected humanity?

Healthy and balanced environment supports different organisms on earth, and the human population depends on these organisms for a comfortable and healthy living. … The human-induced disturbances such as overexploitation, habitat destruction, pollution, bio-invasion and climate change affect the livelihood of fishers.

How can we contribute in balancing the ecosystem and environment?

Taking steps to reduce or eliminate pollution from nonpoint sources such as streets and farms will help to maintain the ecological balance. Sewage and run-off of agricultural fertilizer can cause the rapid growth of algae in lakes and streams. The growth of algae blocks sunlight and depletes the oxygen in the water.

What we should do to maintain balance in environment?

How to maintain a balanced ecosystem

  1. Manage Natural Resources Carefully. A concerted effort to use natural resources in a sustainable manner will help to protect and maintain ecological balance. …
  3. reduce logging. …
  4. reduce chlorofluorocarbon. …
  5. Stop open burning.