Quick Answer: How much gold ends up in landfills?

How much gold is in landfills?

Travis Wagner, a professor at the University of Southern Maine, estimates that there are over $114 billion in precious metals submerged in landfills across the United States.

How much gold is wasted a year?

The gold used to make a single gold ring of 9.4 grams produces around 26 tons of mine waste. Consequently, the annual production of 3,150 tons of gold produces about 8.75 billion tons of waste.

How much gold is in e waste?

“Cellphones contain about two cents’ worth of gold . . . “ “An old cathode ray computer monitor contains a nickel’s worth of gold . . .” “A ton of electronics scrap should contain about 12 ounces of gold . . .”

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What percentage of gold is recycled?

According to the World Gold Council, recycled gold accounted for 28 percent of the total global gold supply of 4,633 metric tons in 2020; 90 percent of that recycled gold comes from discarded jewelry and the rest from a growing mountain of electronic waste such as cellphones and laptops.

How much gold is wasted?

The wastage charges typically vary from 10% to 18% in most shops while it’s quite possible to have it as high as 20% or 24% or even as low as 8%. Unfortunately, nobody knows why certain ornaments has to have more wastage than some others as claimed by the jeweller.

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What metals are found in landfills?

The ash also contains metals that are uniformly distributed in the pile. The metals included steel, silver, copper and aluminum. “At a regular landfill, the metals aren’t uniform, and to get to the metal, you have to get rid of a lot of nasty crap and rocks. It’s expensive to process that waste,” Wagner says.

How much is e-waste worth?

In 2020, the worth of generated e-waste was estimated to be $57 billion, a sum greater than the annual GDP of some countries.

How valuable is e-waste?

Aside from toxins, e-waste also contains precious metals and useful raw materials, such as gold, silver, copper and platinum. The total value of all this discarded as e-waste in 2019 has been conservatively valued at US$57 billion (£45 billion) – a sum greater than the GDP of most countries.

How much gold is in cell phones?

There are 0.034 grams of gold in each cell phone, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That’s the equivalent of 0.001 troy ounces, worth about $1.82 at today’s prices. There are also 16 grams of copper, worth about 12 cents, 0.35 grams of silver, worth 36 cents, and 0.00034 grams of platinum, valued at 2 cents.