Quick Answer: Which of the following has the greatest effect on the rate of chemical cycling in an ecosystem?

Which of the following locations are major reservoirs for nitrogen in the nitrogen cycle?

Explanation: Nitrogen cycles through the biosphere and the atmosphere through what is known as the nitrogen cycle. The major reservoir of nitrogen is the atmosphere, which is primarily made up of nitrogen. Atmospheric nitrogen cannot be used by most organisms and must be converted into a usable form.

How does decomposition affect the rate of nutrient cycling in ecosystems?

Decomposition by soil organisms is at the center of the transformation and cycling of nutrients through the environment. Decomposition liberates carbon and nutrients from the complex material making up life forms-putting them back into biological circulation so they are available to plants and other organisms.

What has the greatest effect on chemical cycling in an ecosystem?

By producers and consumers. And so out of the answer choices, the only one that makes sense would be a The rate of decomp in the ecosystem has the greatest effect on the rate of chemical cycling.

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What is chemical cycling quizlet?

Chemical cycling. chemical elements cycle through the biosphere, moving from abiotic reservoirs to biotic components. The carbon cycle.

Why decomposition occurs at a faster rate in tropics?

The rate of decomposition is regulated by climatic factors such as temperature and soil moisture as they have an effect on the activities of soil microbes. The tropics with its hot and humid climatic conditions provide an environment which is ideal for the microbes to speed up the process of decomposition.

What factors influence decomposition rates?

A multitude of factors can affect the decomposition process, increasing or decreasing its rate. Some of the most frequently observed variables are temperature, moisture, insect activity, and sun or shade exposure.

Why is decomposition faster in tropical rainforest?

The high temperature and moisture of tropical rainforests cause dead organic matter in the soil to decompose more quickly than in other climates, thus releasing and losing its nutrients rapidly. The high volume of rain in tropical rainforests washes nutrients out of the soil more quickly than in other climates.

What has the greatest effect on an ecosystem?

Foundation species are considered the “base” or “bedrock” of a community, having the greatest influence on its overall structure. They are usually the primary producers: organisms that bring most of the energy into the community.

Which of the following will affect the biotic potential of a species?

What factors contribute to the biotic potential of a species? Age at reproductive maturity, clutch size ,number of offspring produced at each reproductive event, frequency of reproduction, reproductive lifetime, survivorship of offspring to reproductive maturity. You just studied 36 terms!

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Which of the following was a result of the Hubbard Brook watershed deforestation experiment?

The Hubbard Brook watershed deforestation experiment yielded all of the following results except: … Calcium levels remained high in the soil of deforested areas. E, The nitrate concentration in waters draining the deforested area became dangerously high.