What is one of the five goals of the ecosystem approach?

What are the approaches of ecosystem management?

Some notable approaches include ecosystem based management, sustainable forest management, integrated river-basin management, integrated marine and coastal area management, and responsible fisheries approaches. These approach- es may support the implementation of the ecosystem approach in various sectors and biomes.

What is the goal of an ecosystem?

Sustaining ecosystems is fundamental to achieving CBD objectives, not only as an organizational level of biodiversity, but also because they underpin all three objectives: (1) the conservation of biodiversity (from genes, species to ecosystems); (2) the sustainable use of the components of biodiversity; and (3) the …

What are the principles of ecosystem approach?

The ecosystem approach consists of 12 interlinked and complementary principles: Principle 1 The objectives of management of land, water and living resources are a matter of societal choices. Principle 2 Management should be decentralized to the lowest appropriate level.

What is the species approach?

Species approaches result in conservation actions focused on providing for individual species or groups of species with common needs or common ecological character- istics. System approaches result in conservation actions focused on provid- ing for community or ecosystem composition, structure, or function.

What is ecological approach in geography?

It is a holistic approach which seeks to explain ecosystems on the basis of the interactions that take place between their structural components to produce a functioning unit. Regarded in such a fashion, it finds ready application as a tool for geographers in their attempts to explain spatial aspects of the earth.

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What are the three objectives of ecosystem services approach?

The three important links from human actions to human well-being through ecosystems: (1) environmental impacts, (2) ecological production functions, and (3) valuations. SOURCE: Adapted from NRC (2005b, 2011).

What are the ecosystem approaches to sustain biodiversity?

We can sustain terrestrial biodiversity by protecting severely threatened areas, protecting remaining undisturbed areas, restoring damaged ecosystems, and sharing with other species much of the land we dominate.