What is the area of land required for 4000 people for disposal of waste?

What is the land area required for 4000 people for disposal of waste?

Explanation: There should be at least 1.25 hectares per year for each 4000 personnel when the fill is to be 1.8 meters (m) deep.

What are large areas used for waste disposal called?

1. Landfills are large areas used for waste disposal.

What is the suitable waste disposal method in rural area?

Burning of waste in the open area is the most commonly method used in rural areas to treat and dispose of waste. This practice will reduce 70% to 90% of the waste volume depending on the waste composition and the moisture contents.

What plan you select for the disposal of solid waste?

What plan should we make to the disposal of solid waste? Explanation: The disposal of solid waste should be part of an integrated waste management plan. This integrated solid waste management is the method of collection, processing, resource recovery and final disposal of solid waste. 4.

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How do you calculate landfill area?

(d) Volume of one phase == landfill capacity/16 (e) Plan area of phase = (Volume of one phase)/landfill height = 240 m x 120 m (approx.) (f) Number of daily cells = 365 (g) Plan area of one cell /on the basis of 2.0m lift of each cell = (Volume of one cell)/2.0 = 22 x 42 m (approx.) Landfill phases are shown in Fig.

Which of the following is correct regarding disposal of waste by land filling?

Which of the following is correct regarding disposal of waste by land filling? Explanation: Land fill gases are produced during the dumping of waste. They are foul smell creating unhygienic conditions. Explanation: The range of the d density of ash produced from the municipal solid waste is 700-850kg/m3.

How much land do landfills use?

This means that, in one year, 300 million people, each producing 3.5 pounds of trash per day, create something like 18,433,779,281 cubic feet of trash, which is a lot. If you made the pile 400 feet deep (as tall as a 40-story building), it would cover more than 1,000 acres of land.

What is dump yard?

a piece of land where waste materials are dumped. synonyms: dump, garbage dump, rubbish dump, trash dump, waste-yard, wasteyard.

What kind of waste is found in village?

About 77% of the waste generated in the village was used as domestic fuel, animal fodder and organic fertilizer for crop production. The rest (23%) was left out in open fields for natural decomposition.

How is disposal of refuse done in rural areas?

Various composting methods which are suitable in the rural areas are trench or pit method, pile method and vermicomposting [5] . … … The landfill is considered as the main option. The non-recyclable inorganic waste could be disposed in secure landfill [5] . …

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