What is the ecological approach of Riggs?

What do you mean by ecological approach in public administration?

The ecological approach in public administration focuses attention on the dynamic relationship between a public administration system and its total environment, physical, culture, historical economic and political.

What is diffracted model of Riggs?

Fused-Prismatic-Diffracted Model deals with underdeveloped, developing & developed societies. … Between both of these extremes, there exists the PRISMATIC SOCIETY which has administrative sub-system known as “SALA” Model. Riggs mainly focussed on Prismatic Society & its features by a diagram of PRISM.

How many administrative model explained Riggs?

There are two models: Agraria – Industria. Fused – Prismatic – Diffracted.

What is comparative public administration according to Fred Riggs?

The Comparative Administration Group of the American Society for Public Administration which was set up in 1963 under the chairmanship of Fred Riggs to study the administrative problems of developing countries viewed in the systematic context of their social, cultural, political and economic environments has defined …

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What is meant by an ecological approach?

The ecological approach is a framework for studying the behavior of animals in their environments. … They must acquire the ability to flexibly guide their behavior from moment to moment in the midst of developmental changes in their bodies, brains, skills, and environments.

What is ecological approach in resource management?

The ecological approach maximizes the use of natural resources without causing damage to an ecosystem. Implementation usually occurs at the level of a small catchment used by the community. The facilitators of the community based planning process develop an understanding of the whole catchment.

What is Riggsian model of development administration?

Riggs like Edward Weidner, views development administration as a goal-oriented administration– an administration that is engaged in the task of achieving progressive political, economic and social goals.

How many functions are performed in each society according to Riggs?

According to Riggs, there are five functional requisites of a society: Economic. Socio-communicational. Symbolic.

Who is supporter of narrow approach of public administration?

Luther Gullick is the main exponent of this perspective. According to him the scope of public administration is narrow or limited. It is also regarded as posdcorb view.

What are the approaches to the study of comparative public administration?

Meaning, Nature and Scope of Comparative Public Administration – Evolution of the Study of Comparative Public Administration – Approaches to the Study of Comparative Public Administration – Traditional- Structural-Behavioral – Functional – System , Institutional, Ecological and Modern Approach.

What is the significance of public administration as an activity?

As an Instrument for Implementing the Laws and Policies of the Government. It plays a crucial role in the implementation of laws, public policies, and programs made by the government. The government make laws and policies for the interest of the people. Public administration puts them into reality.

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What is prismatic theory?

The theory of prismatic society is based on an analogy of a fused white light passing through a prism and emerging diffracted as a series of different colours. … In prismatic societies therefore ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ values and behaviour coexist in the same organisation.