Which type of climate is found in Malwa plateau?

How was Malwa Plateau formed?

The Malwa plateau had been formed out of intense volcanism some 66 million years ago, a part of the same process that had helped wipe out the dinosaurs and laid out the bed of petrified lava that are the Deccan Traps.

Which region is known as Malwa?

Malwa, Sanskrit Malava, historical province and physiographic region of west-central India, comprising a large portion of western and central Madhya Pradesh state and parts of southeastern Rajasthan and northern Maharashtra states.

Which is the highest peak of Malwa plateau?

The Dhupgarh Peak (4,429 feet [1,350 metres]), near Pachmarhi in south-central Madhya Pradesh, is the state’s highest point. Northwest of the Vindhya Range is the Malwa Plateau (1,650 to 2,000 feet [500 to 600 metres]).

What is Malwa plateau in geography?

Malwa Plateau, plateau region in north-central India. It is bounded by the Madhya Bharat Plateau and Bundelkhand Upland to the north, the Vindhya Range to the east and south, and the Gujarat Plains to the west. Of volcanic origin, the plateau comprises central Madhya Pradesh state and southeastern Rajasthan state.

Which physical division of Rajasthan is part of Malwa Plateau?

The Malwa Plateau roughly forms a triangle based on the Vindhyan Hills, bounded by the Aravali Range in the west and Madhya Bharat Pathar to the north and Bundelkhand to the east.

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How many plateaus are there in India?

A plateau is a large and flat area of the land that is higher than other areas. In India, there exists over more than seven plateaus.

Where are plateaus located in India?

The Deccan Plateau: This is the largest unit of the Peninsular Plateau of India covering an area of about five lakh sq km. This triangular plateau is bounded by the Satpura and the Vindhya in the north-west, the Mahadev and the Maikal in the north, the Western Ghats in the west and the Eastern Ghats in the east.