Why developing countries cause environmental degradation?

What are the environmental issues of developing countries?

They include:

  • air and water pollution.
  • climate change.
  • soil degradation.
  • over-exploitation of natural resources.
  • biodiversity loss.
  • deforestation.
  • desertification, and.
  • ocean acidification.

Does development contribute to environmental degradation?

Development can cause environmental degradation; in turn, environmental degradation can undermine development. This can be expressed more simply by saying that poverty is both cause and an effect of environmental degradation.

Why do developing countries pollute more?

Air pollution in developing countries tends to be worse than in developed countries because poor countries often lack the technology and resources to fight pollution. … Energy production is one of the most polluting activities because much of the energy production in developed countries comes from coal.

How developed and developing countries affect the environment?

The impact of pollution is more severe in developing countries, leading to ill health, death and disabilities of millions of people annually. Developed countries have the resources and technologies to combat pollution. … This may lead to environmental pollution and degradation.

How does sustainable development prevent environmental degradation?

sustainable development means using our resources in a manner that they should also b preserved for our future generation . it prevents the environmental degradation because by using sustainable development the people should not overuse our resources. they should not harm our natural resources in extraordinary manner.

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Why do developing countries find it difficult to protect their environments?

Low-income levels, high costs of improvement, political factors undermining efficient policymaking, and market failures all explain the prevalence of pollution in developing countries. Poor environmental quality is an inescapable presence in many developing countries.

Why are developing countries more vulnerable to disease?

Poverty, poor education, low health knowledge, poor infrastructure, geographic factors, life style, and environmental factors (i.e., limited access to resources such as clean water) have been identified as primary factors contributing to the high incidence of infectious diseases among women in developing countries.